2. What are the warning signs?

New variations of fake check scams constantly pop up, but in each case they give you a realistic-looking check or money order and ask you to send cash in return.

  • Scammers befriend you and ask you to cash a check or money order as a favor.
  • They want to buy something that you are selling and send a check or money order for more than you're asking.
  • They hire you to work at home and ask you to deposit checks or money orders in your account as part of your job. Sometimes they have you open a new account for the "business", but you're still responsible for any checks that you deposit.
  • They send you a check or money order as an "advance" on the millions that you're going to receive from a sweepstakes, lottery, or inheritance.
  • They offer you a foreign business deal and send you a check or money order as an advance on your profits.
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